Magnacon 7 Enterprises is a socially and culturally driven event design, creative thinking consulting firm based in Bridgeport, CT. We take a social entrepreneurial approach to designing, promoting and implementing events, ideas, concepts and social issues to the general public. We use artistic & entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to achieve social change.

While we are a for profit company our main concern is creating as much social capital with communities as possible through green initiatives, large scale festivals, information campaigns, motivational engagements and other capital raising ventures. As social entrepreneurs we offer innovative solutions to some of society’s pressing social problems. We are ambitious and persistent, with tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

Rather than leaving societal and social needs to just the government or business sectors, we find ways to incorporate many factions and find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the thinking, spreading the solution, and persuading entire communities to take new leaps. Each of our ideas are user-friendly, understandable, ethical, and engage widespread support in order to maximize the number of local people that will stand up, seize their idea, and implement with it. In other words, every leading social entrepreneur is a mass recruiter of local change makers—a role model proving that citizens who channel their passion into action can do almost anything.
  • Magnacon 7 Enterprises (Head Honcho) 2009-present
  • A Beautiful Crime Graffiti & Pop Art Show I & II (Co-founder) 2011-present
The Bridgeport Bazaar & General Market
The BBGM is an indoor vendor market for cool one of a kind local goods, crafts, art, retro clothes, furnishings, food, music hula hooping and other awesomeness! www.dotankbpt.com
I LUV Bridgeport / I <3 BPT
I LUV BPT is a movement dedicated to uniting the citizens & supporters of Bridgeport, CT. www.iluvbpt.com.
Downtown Specials Services District
Project manager for a variety of artistic, cultural, musical and social events throughout the downtown Bridgeport, CT area. www.InfoBridgeport.com.


Bridgeport Arts Festival

The Bridgeport Arts Fest is a one day celebration of LOCAL + ORIGINAL art, artists, crafters, community organizations and performers that takes place in downtown Bridgeport at historic McLevy Green during the month of July from 10am to 6pm, and is followed immediately by the Music Concert and After-Party (6-11pm). The Arts Fest is a family- and community-friendly affair and is FREE to attend. In addition to artists, you’ll enjoy live entertainment, activities, demonstrations and area food and drinks. www.BridgeportArtsFest.com

  • LOCAL+ORIGINAL Artists, Artisans, Crafters and Community Groups
  • Performances
  • Educational demonstrations
  • Local food and drink Vendors
  • Bridgeport Community Land Trust “Beer Garden”
  • Downtown Tour of Living
  • “Home Sweet Bridgeport” Film Contest
  • MANY other displays of creativity in action!
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    Do Tank BPT

    A public vessel for interdisciplinary exploration, engagement, and enhancement of our community through means outside of the formal urban planning process. We make rapid meaningful change by exploring and testing in our laboratory: Bridgeport, CT. The focus of our interdisciplinary group was the process of public participation in the production and use of public space. We generated ideas, tested tools, and staged programs, that highlighted, and sought to alter the influence of, the hegemonic control that planning institutions and private interests exerted over communal space. Our interventions created ruptures in how local populations view the space around them, and the regimes that govern it, opening up moments for new imaginaries to take hold.

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    info@magnaon7.COM 1.203.395.1395 1001 Main Street Suite 14 Bridgeport, CT 06605